1. Always use a charger specifically designed for charging LIPO batteries. NEVER use NiCad or NiMH chargers or charger setting to charge a LIPO. Failure to do so may result in fire and cause personal injury.
  2. Always charge batteries in a fireproof container or LIPO bag. DO NOT charge batteries on wood, cloth, carpet or any other flammable surface. Batteries should be charged in an open area.
  3. NEVER charge a LIPO inside your house.
  4. NEVER leave a LIPO battery unattended while charging. If a Battery starts to swell or gives off a funny smell while charging disconnect battery and with extreme caution move to an open area. If a battery needs to be stored, make sure that the voltage of each cell is between 3.75-3.80 volts per cell. Storage should be in a cool dry place. Storage of batteries should be in a flame proof container.
  5. NEVER store LIPO batteries inside a full-size car/van/truck. NEVER dispose of batteries in fire or rubbish. There is a risk of fire and/or explosion. Return to battery recycling center.
  6. If batteries are damaged or swollen DO NOT attempt to charge the battery as it may result in fire or personal injury. Make sure that LIPO batteries are kept out of reach of children and pets. Children under no circumstances should be charging LIPO batteries.
  7. It is recommended for extended life of LIPO batteries that a maximum of 1C charge rate be used. “C” means battery capacity divided by 1000 to determine the proper charge rate.

EXAMPLE 2200mAh divided by 1000=2.2amp

  1. LIPO batteries are made up of cells – e.g. 2S is a 2-cell pack, 3S is a 3-cell pack etc. A LIPO battery is fully charged when a battery reaches 4.2V/cell. A battery is flat when it reaches 3V/cell, and a battery should never be discharged any lower than 3V/cell. Storage of a LIPO battery should be at 3.75-3.8V/cell. ALWAYS use a balance charge setting when charging. DO NOT short out LIPO batteries as fire may result. Make sure polarity of the connection is correct before plugging battery into the charger.
  2. NEVER charge a warm or hot LIPO. Let battery cool down after use. NEVER disassemble a LIPO battery. NEVER charge a LIPO inside a model car/heli/plane or drone.

If unsure of any aspects of these instructions for charging and maintaining your LIPO batteries, please contact your place of purchase for more information